The valleys of the beautiful River Eden and its many tributaries
flowing through the historic counties of Westmorland and Cumberland
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Kirkby Stephen

Kirkby Stephen is the main town of the Upper Eden Valley, in what was Westmorland and now Cumbria. It lies at the point where the River Eden emerges from the limestone uplands of Mallerstang and starts to wend its way over sandstone along the peaceful pastoral valley towards Appleby. The town welcomes walkers and is a popular overnight stop-off on the Coast to Coast route.

Visitors to Kirkby Stephen are often surprised by a sudden loud harsh noise above them. No, I don’t mean the RAF’s jets screaming past. It’s a bird-like noise but not the kind you’d expect to hear from most native English birds. It’s harsh, grating, and it makes you look up suddenly. Those who are quick [...]

The Stenkrith bridges from downstream

Stenkrith Bridge, just outside Kirkby Stephen on the road to Nateby, is actually a combination of several bridges where the Eden both bends and falls: road bridges and footbridge, over river and (former) railway track; plus the remains of the old railway bridge over the river, of which only the foundations survived the line closure. [...]