The valleys of the beautiful River Eden and its many tributaries
flowing through the historic counties of Westmorland and Cumberland
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Appleby in Westmorland

Appleby was for many centuries the ceremonial county town of Westmorland, one of the counties that disappeared in 1974 in that bout of historical vandalism called local government reorganisation. Following on the disappearance of the old counties and the creation of Cumbria the local people worked to have the town\’s name changed to \”Appleby in Westmorland\”.

A view looking in a northeasterly direction from the fields above Colby Lane, Appleby, with the castle keep (complete with scaffolding) showing above the still leafless trees. Beyond are the North Pennines, with High Cup Gill behind the keep to the left and Murton Pike to the right. In this view over Appleby the houses [...]