The valleys of the beautiful River Eden and its many tributaries
flowing through the historic counties of Westmorland and Cumberland
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The River Eden, Cumbria

The Eden is the main theme of this site. It is Cumbria\’s major river and flows for approximately ninety miles from source to sea. Although it twists and turns a great deal (travelling in all directions except south) its overall trend is North West, from the heights above the Mallerstang valley south of Kirkby Stephen to the Irish Sea at the Solway Firth to the west of Carlisle.

The Stenkrith bridges from downstream

Stenkrith Bridge, just outside Kirkby Stephen on the road to Nateby, is actually a combination of several bridges where the Eden both bends and falls: road bridges and footbridge, over river and (former) railway track; plus the remains of the old railway bridge over the river, of which only the foundations survived the line closure. [...]

To many people who from time to time drive between the Stainmore Pass and Penrith along the A66 east-west trunk road, Warcop may be synonymous with military training at the Warcop Training Centre. For more than seventy years tanks and other fighting vehicles have been a feature of the landscape, and at nearby Appleby Golf [...]

Eden above Helgill Force - Mallerstang

If you ask in Brough where Hellgill is you might just be misunderstood and be pointed up behind the village towards Hall Fell. There’s Hellbeck Hall up there and there’s a civil parish called “Hellbeck”. But that’s not where we’re going today. If you clarify your question you might then be told, “Oh, you mean [...]