The valleys of the beautiful River Eden and its many tributaries
flowing through the historic counties of Westmorland and Cumberland
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History in the Eden Valley

I suppose it\’s true to say that every place has an equal length of history. The differences lie in the number of interesting happenings and their variety down the centuries. But then, \”interesting\” is a relative concept as what interests one might no interest another. Much lies in our responses to events of the past.

The local historian will find much to explore around the towns and villages of the Eden Valley. The transport historian can unravel the history of several discontinued railway lines, and one that remains, not to mention the green trackways and Roman roads. The national historian might well at first think there wouldn\’t be much to explore in these remote northern areas … until we remember that this is border land; the fluctuating fortunes of Scots and English kings, barons and chieftains played across these hills and valleys over many centuries. The castles are there to tell the story.

Below is a selection of items on the site that have been categorised as historical. I hope you enjoy them. (Initially, of course, they\’ll be thin on the ground but I\’m hoping to be able to add material steadily through 2014).