The valleys of the beautiful River Eden and its many tributaries
flowing through the historic counties of Westmorland and Cumberland
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Historic Houses of the Eden Valley

The valleys of the River Eden and its tributaries may not have a Blenheim Palace or a Chatsworth House but nevertheless they do contain some interesting old houses. A few are open to the public although many are privately owned and not accessible to visitors while others are now hotels. Even though they may have to be viewed from a distance, however, the area\’s old houses, and their history, can add considerable interest to a visit.

More content covering Eden Valley historic houses will be added in stage 2 of the site\’s development.

To many people who from time to time drive between the Stainmore Pass and Penrith along the A66 east-west trunk road, Warcop may be synonymous with military training at the Warcop Training Centre. For more than seventy years tanks and other fighting vehicles have been a feature of the landscape, and at nearby Appleby Golf [...]