The valleys of the beautiful River Eden and its many tributaries
flowing through the historic counties of Westmorland and Cumberland
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Castles of the Eden Valley

From Mallerstang to Carlisle the Eden Valley is richly supplied with castles and other fortified houses. Some of these medieval fortresses been in ruins since the 17th century Civil War or even earlier, whilst others are still occupied. There\’s a lot of castle visiting to be done around the River Eden.

Kirkby Stephen is not quite visible towards the top left, but in the centre is the ruined Lammerside Castle about which I wrote a while ago.

Mention the two words Mallerstang and Castle, and the majority of people who have visited the area will immediately think of Pendragon Castle, one of the favourite places of the great Lady Anne Clifford. Driving, cycling or walking up to the Mallerstang valley from Kirkby Stephen and Nateby, however, long before we reach Pendragon we [...]

Brough Castle in the Eden Valley Cumbria

Today we’re at Brough Castle, one of Lady Anne Clifford’s 17th century restorations but now once again in ruins. Having said that the picture taken from this angle, from close to the A66 Trans-Pennine trunk road, doesn’t really do justice to the amount that remains, so we’ll need to look at it more closely. Along [...]